Our Services

We provide a wide range of services that are essential to any company’s success.

Tax advisory and valuation services

Understanding the rules and your company’s and personal tax position is crucial for growth! With an eye on a future exit, CCOUNT assists in setting up tax efficient group structures, we provide guidance in the introduction of tax attractive incentive plans for key personnel and can assist in any upcoming cross border tax matters. When you’ve reached the phase of a successful launch of your self developed IP, CCOUNT can help you with the implementation and optimization of the Dutch innovation box.

Tax valuations

Valuations for tax purposes are important during the key events (eg investment rounds) in the journey towards an exit. CCOUNT has the experience and expertise to assist growth companies in determining the value at these key events.

DCF valuation for companies

Based on the company’s financials, we prepare pre-money discounted cash flow analyses to determine the enterprise and equity value of the company.

Scenario analysis for share-class valuation

Based on the management’s expectations regarding the exit value of the company, we construct a scenario analysis to determine the net present value (NPV) of the specific class of shares in question.

Financial services

In order to achieve the company’s goals and objectives, financial management is essential. This consists of the right combination of planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring financial resources. We advice you during this process and with the eventual reporting. To optimize your financial services, we make use of software toolkits. These are customized to your company’s specific needs. We can advice you on which toolkit suits your company best, before helping you with the implementation. Additional to providing you with the right platform, CCOUNT also provides you with a dedicated team of accountants and advisors.

Administrative services

With regard to the financial administration, we can handle these together or you can decide to do it yourself and we are always available to answer your questions.

We make use of multiple online tools when doing your bookkeeping, resulting in a complete and real-time insight into your own administration at all times from any place. We can help you with keeping the administration up-to-date and clear. This is necessary for when the (monthly or quarterly) VAT returns are done and the annual report needs to be made.

To create a complete and understandable financial and non-financial overview of the company’s performance and activities, we work closely together with you throughout the year and help you with structuring the annual report.

From the foundation (the agreements between you as entrepreneurs) to opening branches in other regions; ‘Legal matters’ play a crucial role in determining the course and options for your business. We work closely together with several specialized legal firms, empowering you to think ahead and plan.

Technology Services

Since our clients operate in a constantly changing environment, it is crucial that our services are dynamic as well. That is why digitalization and online software are an important part of our services. Not only do we work with the most optimal and efficient tools, we also create and implement our own financial software. This way we can make sure our services develop with you and your company along the journey of growth.


There are multiple rules and regulations that need to be taken into account regarding tax and this could be overwhelming. That is what we are here for! We can help you to understand this and advise you on how to manage your finances accordingly. If you have any questions, you can always ask them!

The first time encountering a P&L is not exactly love at first sight. Luckily, we are here to explain the meaning of the different aspects of the P&L. Furthermore, we will ensure that the accounting system is set up to tailor to your personalized needs.

At CCOUNT, we aim to personalize our services to the fullest, thus there is no standard applicable fee. The costs are constructed as follows. First, we have a Discovery Call. This helps us understand the unique needs of your business and how we can support you. We’ll explore your software options, the level of monthly support you want from us, and some financial data like tax returns. Once we’ve captured that information, we’ll be able to provide you the monthly costs for our services. As a result, the fee is fixed and the build up of it is transparent. Also, the division and responsibility of the tasks is clear for both parties.

In case you are just looking for someone to do your accounts cheaply, we’re probably not right for you!

Your business is growing and developing rapidly. During this growth, the services can change as well. We can also offer help with compensation plans, optimization of the tax structure, transfer pricing, and valuations. Our range of services is wide and flexible. Where possible, a fixed fee is discussed and agreed upon beforehand.

This type of analysis includes forecasting for the upcoming three to five years of cash flows, based on the actual figures provided and the management’s expectations, with additional modelling to determine the terminal value beyond the forecasted period, and the derivation of an appropriate discount rate. Results of this type of analysis are the estimated equity value of the company, and the accompanying fair market value per share.

The analysis includes a sensitivity model for the NPV of the shares under a specific exit scenario, and a probability-weighted scenario analysis which considers the individual likelihoods of different exit scenarios to calculate the payoff of individual shares.
These models can also be augmented with a separate sensitivity analysis on the discount rate as well. Results of this type of analysis are the expected payoff and NPV of a single share.

Yes! Equity, typically in the form of options or (growth) shares, is the currency of the tech and startup world. Founders and investors use it to attract talent and compensate employees for the (inevitable) salary cut that they will take when joining a startup. It helps to keep employees motivated with the prospect of a higher salary when the company is sold or goes public. At CCOUNT we have a lot of experience in setting up tax efficient compensation plans and are more than happy to help you!

Yes! Innovation is one of the main pillars in the Dutch economy and is encouraged by the Dutch government. Therefore, multiple tax incentives are available, including the WBSO and the innovation box. We can help you apply for these subsidies and check whether you meet the requirements.

We have experience in providing tax-oriented valuations for companies and share classes for the basis of equity structuring and fiscal aThe answer is yes! We have experience in providing tax-oriented valuations for companies and share classes for the basis of equity structuring and fiscal advice projects. For more information please refer to this page.

Yes, please! We prefer to work with a reporting tool that is connected to the bookkeeping. We personalize the settings once and henceforth the tool generates the right reports for the subsequent periods. This saves time we can use to understand and analyse the numbers together with you. This holds also for consolidated reporting, actual vs budget reports and (cash flow) forecasts.

No, we tailor the tool stack for each of our clients. This is different than other firms, but we strongly believe that personalization is the key. Required data inputs, easy of use, connected apps and reporting requirements are main variables in determining the tool stack. A typical tool stack involves at least three layers; OCR enabled purchase processing, bookkeeping and a separate reporting tool. Starting afresh? We can prepare a short list for you and setup a test environment within a working day.

Yes there is! When we start working together, we have a talk on what finance tools you use and what the main bottlenecks are. Your largest data source or the ones that require the most frequent updates should ideally be automated. Many connections are possible out of the box (API) and our IT-branch can prepare custom syncs for a wide range of tools.