Why we do what we do



Running a business is great: growing, seeing opportunities arise and promoting growth is what encourages us. CCount helps a company grow by offering the right platforms and tools, allowing it to focus entirely on the core business.

There are plenty of tools, platforms and myriad advices available on the internet, but what is the right choice? What is the winning configuration? It simply takes too much time and energy to try out everything yourself..

We were looking for a way to pour our large experience into something that businesses can get started with right away. CCount is the result: offering services which combine the right platforms and tools, configured with your current and future situation in mind and having access at any time to the advice of experienced professionals.

We think it is crucial that you can be ready in one go; one-stop-shop; ready for growth, while simultaneously being compliant and having full insight and overview.

CCount Connections

Our network of experts



Not only keeping up, but staying ahead of the curve!

We are not only talking about the complete administration, annual statements, tax returns, etc.; we could handle those together or you can decide to do them yourself while we merely look over your shoulder. We focus on preparing your business for growth and strive for you to be in full control of all processes, so you always know where to find the real improvements and opportunities.

Additional to providing you with the right platform, CCount also provides you with the right accountants and advisors.


“We could definitely make it more interesting!”

It all starts with the structure and location of your business, but it does not stop there. You want to be able to entrust the task of managing all complex tax issues to experienced professionals; preferably with both entrepreneurial- and corporate backgrounds.

Within CCount Connections we offer specialists who look at both your business and personal tax, taking into account their possible overlap. To govern wisely means to look and stay ahead! 



There is a multitude of grants and types of financing available for the right projects!

Are you working on the development of a breakthrough in the field of IT, Healthcare, Biotech / Life Sciences or other innovations; we understand these complex and lengthy processes.

Our skilled specialists come from various sectors and know what grants and funding are available for and in reach of your business. They walk alongside you, from funding to IPO.


Understanding the rules and your position is crucial for growth!

From the foundation (the agreements between you as entrepreneurs) to opening branches in other regions; ‘Legal matters’ play a crucial role in determining the course and options for your business.

CCount has close ties with several specialized legal firms, who have extensive experience working for both start-ups and corporates, empowering you to think ahead and plan.



Acquire or be acquired, that is the question!

Whether your dream is to be acquired by Google or to acquire knowledge and skills by taking over other businesses; These operations require a lot of knowledge and experience.

CCount offers a number of reputable consultants that can assist with this.


“Funding of your foundation”

CCount is at the centre of a large international network of investors and support organizations such as incubators, accelerators, academical start-up organizations and other initiatives.

We can link you to these organizations so that you can think of growth!


CCount on us!

In 2017, the entrepreneurs Christiaan Christiaan Nederhof, Arjan Bisseling en Pieter Asjes established CCount. Within a short period of time, the company developed into a leading platform that provides advice to fast growing companies on the usage of professional technological tools, providing more insight and helping to effectively make sustainable policy decisions.

Together with a team of experts, CCount supports entrepreneurs in making the right (tax and financial) choices and prevents, by applying commitment and experience, business cases and best practices, that companies have to re-invent the wheel themselves.





CCount Connections is our multidisciplinary network of experts.